How to send flowers to someone in the Netherlands?

On this page we will explain how you can send flowers to someone in the Netherlands with ease. This page is for anyone that is not in the Netherlands at this moment, but wants some beautiful flowers delivered to an address in the Netherlands. For example one of your loved ones or someone you want to send congratulations or to give them a sign of support. You will see this is more easy than you would think at first and we will save you money. We from are experts on the flower market in Holland. Let us help you to find the perfect bouquet. For those that can't wait to pick some beautiful flowers, let's start with three great options:

Euroflorist flowers

Euroflorist is a website with a great collection of bouquets. In a large range when it comes to price and diversity. The website is available in English en there are many payment options like creditcard or PayPal for example. Delivery is possible country wide in the Netherlands. By the way, there are much more countries in Europe where they can deliver too. Just in case you've got friends our loved ones in all Europe.

Fleurop flowers

On the website of Fleurop flowers you will also find a large collection of flowers and bouquets. Some typical Dutch flowers like Tulips when the season is there, but also a wide variety of other flowers. Maybe you are looking for a great bouquet of roses or playful picking bouquet? This website is available in full English and there are multiple payment options among which creditcard and PayPal.

AH supermarkt

AH supermarkt flowers
Our third option might surprise you, this is a section of a supermarket and also not available in English. So why do we still recommend it? This supermarket has a specialized department of flowers for many years and has a good reputation in The Netherlands. The prices include free shipping and the bouguets are large and fresh. They will be delivered in a special protective box. But you will have to use the translate option of your browser. Payment with creditcard for example is no problem.

Popular bouquets this week

True Paradise

Vanaf: € 27,26
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Verjaardagspakket - Verjaardagsbloemen - Online verjaardagcadeau per post versturen

Vanaf: € 14,99
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Brievenbus Zijden - Silk Blush - Bloomgift

Vanaf: € 21,95
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Molens en tulpen in Nederland

The advantage of Dutch flowers

A lot of people got a image of the Netherlands that corresponds to this image of windmills and tulips. But if you visit Holland before, you know this is just a small part of our country. In fact the Netherland is a very modern, dense populated country. The infrastructure is very good and there are a lot of innovative farmers and growers. One element is the floriculturist sector. We produce billions of flowers and plants each year. Over 12 billion is exported worldwide. The advantage for you is that the cost of flowers is relative low. We grow them and we ship them in this country. So they are fresh, beautiful and not too expensive. And Dutch people absolutely love flowers, so you can't go wrong on this!
En veld met tulpen met als achtergrond een prachtige zonsondergang.

The famous Dutch Tulips

But what about he Dutch Tulips and when can I buy them? We have indeed the most incredible colored tulips. This is a great flower that last long and will be a joy for the receiver. However, the are not available all year long. The best period to buy them is between January and April! However these period will be stretched further due new techniques and indoor growing, but outside this period this will drive up the prices. See for example on the website of Fleurop what Tulips are available at this moment:
Beautiful Dutch Tulips

Language will not be the problem

The advantage is that the Dutch people are always looking to other countries and the English language is very common here. So even when you run into a little problem, you can always call the helpdesk of the flower company that will help you out, without you having to explain it in Dutch. But this is just a last resort, you will see that ordering online is not a problem at all. So to start, here are some examples of websites that will jump directly to the English version: If you want, you can check out other websites we collected. Some have an English version, but else you can use your browser translate option. You can find the in our Bloemisten section.

Some examples of flowers from Dutch flower webshops

Tulpen boeket wit

Vanaf: € 17,99
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Colourful Bloom

Gratis verzending
Vanaf: € 35,06
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Sweety - Brievenbus bloemen - Online bloemen per post versturen

Vanaf: € 14,99
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Boeket extra luxe

Vanaf: € 28,50
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Veldboeket rood

Vanaf: € 26,99
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Questions about sending flowers to someone in The Netherlands

There are several websites that have besides Dutch also an English version. On this page you will find a list of the best website with beautiful flowers and that are available in English.

The websites we have collected here are selected because they have many payment options like Creditcard, VISA, but also Pay Pal for example. You can easily order from any country around the world.

Because we are a very large export country when it comes to flowers, we are growing them in vast numbers. Also there is a large domestic market. This results in a wide range of beautiful flowers and also in a relative low price compared to countries that have to import most of their flowers.

The Dutch Tulips are famous and not for a bad reason. They are strong, have beautiful colors and last long. They are best available between January and April, but also outside this months, although they will be more expensive than. We've collected some of the best growers and websites where you can order these beautiful flowers.